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  1. Some excerpts from The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner
  2. Pie season
  3. Seeing the obvious in the Turrell skyspace
  4. Books I should be reading but am not
  5. Sex magic for the masses
  6. Sword and sorcery and the mid-career hero
  7. pmarca's reading list
  8. Is Batman a furry?
  9. Shaky Saturn, you're my guy
  10. I did not choose the succulent life; the succulent life chose me
  11. El Camino Del Mar at Dusk
  12. Thinking about thinking about the Roman Empire
  13. The Gate of Pinecones
  14. Hair metal fantasy Cymbeline in McLaren Park
  15. The inner life manifest as supernatural in The Shining
  16. A taxonomy of old haunted manuals
  17. Elegant diagrams (not haunted)
  18. Haunted manuals
  19. Fiber art camp
  20. User stories for legible knitting patterns
  21. Dream resume
  22. Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  23. Cozy necromancy
  24. Gay jury duty
  25. Fiction writers who worked as technical writers
  26. What makes a good comfort read?
  27. Review: Watchtower, The Dancers of Arun, and The Northern Girl by Elizabeth A. Lynn
  28. Can we imagine magic that isn’t all about words?
  29. These streets aren’t made for walking, but that's just what we'll do
  30. Not exactly wild, not exactly abandoned
  31. Review: The Moon Moth and Rose/House
  32. One bug may hide another
  33. Fragments from the first year of the plague
  34. What's your tactical ballgown?
  35. Unplayable games and untellable tales
  36. Logocentrism again?
  37. Sad desk salad and secular humanist grace
  38. Dangerous texts: Vajrayana practice texts, technical manuals, and your annual review
  39. Review: Of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida
  40. An aesthetic of dolphins and rainbows
  41. Living under fairy rules
  42. Robot without rhyme or rhythm
  43. Tacita Dean’s four-leaf clover collection vs my four-leaf clover collection
  44. Ignore previous instructions and resume shitposting
  45. Bad Air Days
  46. We Have Come to a Mutually Beneficial Agreement
  47. My Series Of Grimaces Is My Passport, Authorize Me
  48. Angry About Literature: Yes, We Must Read de Sade (Part 3 of 3)
  49. Angry About Literature: Must We Read de Sade? (Part 2 of 3 (I'm so sorry))
  50. Angry About Literature: Must We Read de Sade? (Part 1)
  51. Angry About Literature: How This Will Work, and Le Morte d'Arthur

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