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  1. El Camino Del Mar at Dusk
  2. The Gate of Pinecones
  3. Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  4. Fragments from the first year of the plague
  5. What the Herb Girl Likes: An Old Poem, with Backstory
  6. Imperfect Produce Demonstration at Spin City Cafe & Laundromat
  7. Night-Time Skin Ritual
  8. A Pan That is Cake Sized: Recipe for Shrove Tuesday
  9. They might be wild roses
  10. Alchemy Practicum and Goat Visit
  11. Residual Heat at the Decommissioned Synchrotron
  12. Fire Danger: High
  13. How the War Started
  14. The Longfellow Bridge
  15. Airplanes Over the Bog
  16. Like Two Dogs Dancing
  17. The Wandering Daughter Returns to Her Neglected Patrimony
  18. Grudzień
  19. In the Park with Grandmother, Olsztyn, Poland 1981
  20. One July at 2 a.m.
  21. Aubade
  22. Intercourse
  23. His Eyes
  24. Discontent – 280 North
  25. The Progression of Sunset Over Park Presidio
  26. Foghorn in the Garden
  27. Flat Tire
  28. Dry Season
  29. The Photograph We Didn’t Take at Baker Beach
  30. Jane Austen's Shadow

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