White abstract glyphs on black background

Imperfect Produce Demonstration at Spin City Cafe & Laundromat

by AK Krajewska

OK, one green bell pepper exhibits
Some imperfect radial symmetry:
One apex nubbin is less nubbiny
Than its three self-same fellow lumps.
The zucchini could not, I will grant you
Moonlight as a straight edge at the SAT,
But it's not far off. And the kale? Fine,
firm, bright, and crinkly; practically perfect.
Celery, kohlrabi , cauliflower,
I could go on, they're fine. Like, “Girl, you fine,”
Fine. Not fine, OK, sure. The real problem
Is excess. Vegetable success.
Your lush abundance, too, might be too much
But girl, you're fine, you're practically perfect.