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"At the mercy of the geography"

Review: The Left Hand of Dog by Si Clarke

by AK Krajewska

I read a lot of heavy shit, recreationally and professionally, so I'm also always on the lookout for its opposite, the snarfable science fiction comfort read that's like climbing into a warm bath, only not really, because baths are kind of boring what with all the waiting around for them to fill... Continue reading (700 words)

Happy blogoversary

52 blog posts, one Friday at a time

by AK Krajewska

It has now been one year since I've restarted my blog and started posting every Friday. The actual anniversary was February 10, but that wasn't a Friday so instead I'm celebrating today, with this, the 53rd blog post since the reset. I'm pretty good at starting things but not always so good at... Continue reading (1324 words)

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Inflatable rock

A draft patent for a large rock that you can fold up and carry in your pocket and then unfold, inflate, and deploy as needed

by AK Krajewska

I've been sitting on this invention since 2018. Only sitting metaphorically alas, because I have not had the time and capital to bring it to market. It's too good an idea to keep to myself any longer so today I'm sharing my draft patent with the world, in the hopes that someone else will pick up... Continue reading (906 words)

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How to have a happy birthday

Take a page from The Satanic Bible

by AK Krajewska

In The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey declares that one's own birthday is the highest holiday in the Satanic religion. As such, one should celebrate the crap out of it. The Satanic Bible is like a second-rate fusion cuisine dish combining Ayn Rand, Nietzsche, Crowley[1], and a big... Continue reading (909 words)

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Workers in California, ask about your pay scale!

The California Equal Pay Act requires employers to tell you

by AK Krajewska

Tell me if you've heard this one before: You're having the annual review conversation with your boss. Your boss reviews your accomplishments and congratulates you. You've done really well! You have a bright future ahead at Company. Keep going! Then you get to the compensation part of the conversation. Company rewards hard work and your boss would love to give you more of a raise but alas... Continue reading (1143 words)

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