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These streets aren’t made for walking, but that's just what we'll do

Visiting Los Angeles without a car

by AK Krajewska

Content warning: Description of a person driving a car hitting a person walking.

I always assumed that you had to have a car to get anywhere in Los Angeles. I don’t like driving and don’t normally drive, but I thought, you have to in LA. The last time I was here, or at least I think that was the last time, I saw a woman in a powder blue outfit get hit in a cross section by a car turning left. The car was going very slowly and while she fell over, she got back up and walked away. It was so upsetting that I deliberately watched television commercials for a couple of hours to wipe my memory. I also refused to drive any more, and took a cab to Griffith Observatory instead of driving there. It was fine. I took a lot of photos of people in golden hour light. I got to see Mars through the telescope. I took the bus back down, and then the metro and that was fine, too.

Information booth at Union Statation. The booth is framed by an arched entryway.

So when I planned this trip, the one I’m on right now, I said, no car. We’ll just take the metro and cabs as needed. It’ll be an adventure. Besides, when you don’t own a car, car rental is more expensive because you have to pay extra for car insurance, not having your own already.

Today was the first day of that adventure. I don’t have much to say yet except these few observations:

A highly decorative waiting room in Union Station with a decorative floor, wooden beam ceilings with elaborate chandeliers, but the seats are blocked off by garish orange barriers to prevent anyone from sitting there who doesn't have a ticket.