Ink drawing of items a person might have on a chaotic desk. A no smoking sign, a mug of tea, a yorur (not yogurt) jar, a notebook with a spoon on it, a bar chart labeled only THINGIES, a report that says Itemize-Used for bird specifications and rouge[sic] animals, a bottle of pills with some lying next to it. Own work 2023.

Is Batman a furry?

A completely logical examination of the facts

by AK Krajewska

Yes, Batman is a furry. Consider the pro and anti arguments.

Pro-furry arguments:

Anti-furry arguments:

The anti arguments are weaker and I can think of plausible refutations for each one.

Possible refutations for anti-furry arguments:

So on the whole, yes, Batman is a furry, romantically involved with other furries, and fully participating in furry drama.

This persuasive essay was originally posted in its current form on an alt Tumblr I made, persuasive-posts, where I thought I would write persuasive essays about unimportant things. But I can't keep a gimmick going so it became just another Tumblr in the world with only one post. That seems sad, and a waste of a perfectly good haha-only-serious persuasive essay so I have moved it here. And before Tumblr it was a forum post in a members-only forum.