Photo of a concrete wall with the words OFF LIMITS stenciled on.

Ignore previous instructions and resume shitposting

by AK Krajewska

This was supposed to be my serious blog where I’d write very thoughtful things about art and technology and philosophy and show off how smart and good at writing I am. That is a lot of pressure so I just stopped writing.

I stopped writing here but not writing in general. Just like humans on the internet will turn any place where you can add content into a community and/or porn distribution network, I turn any place where you can enter text into a blog. I have written what really are, if I am honest with myself, blog posts in:

Meanwhile, I did not write in my blog because none of the things I wanted to say seemed like they were serious and worthy and thoughtful enough for my blog. Or because they seemed too obscene.

Like a lot of people, I was shocked into leaving Twitter as my main shitposting forum in November 2022 and resumed my previously created but completely neglected Mastodon account. One could (but I will not) write a whole thoughtful post about how that experience moved a lot of people to think about self-hosting their internet presence/content again. It also, because of the slightly longer format of Mastodon posts than Twitter posts, reminded me how pleasant it was to sprawl a bit. To write things that kind of go on, with extra words, the kind of words I always edit out in the professional writing I am paid to write.

I should do this more, I thought. I could pick up my blog again.

Only one problem, my blog was on an outdated WordPress setup and for reasons I never could discern, it just kind of went down at random, especially if it got more traffic than like, say, 5 people. So I hated the thought of posting anything remotely interesting because the site would just go down.

No choice, I was going to have to Migrate My Content. Anyway, that took all of January. The site is stable! The CSS mostly works! I’ll save the account of that yak shaving journey for another time. I might even share my friction log.

For now, I just want to say, hello world. Or hello again. I’m glad you’re here. I plan to post something every Friday. No guarantees about quality or length or uh, other qualities. I hope you like postmodernism because I’ll definitely be mixing high and low art forms, is all I can really say.

If you want to leave a comment, come find me on Mastodon and talk to me there instead. I can’t be bothered with moderating user-generated content.